Monday, August 24, 2015

16 Years and Counting

So the Hubbs and I just celebrated our 16 year wedding anniversary. Well...correction, we defiantly acknowledged the day, but didn't really get to "celebrate". Turns out getting sick on your anniversary isn't conducive for much merriment. 

(The Hubbs and I at our Regional Convention)

But even though we were not doing great, I have a great story to attach.

Back when I was little my mom had this BEAUTIFUL rose wood buffet in our house. It was given to her just after she was married. I always loved that thing! 
In the right hand side door, I use to hide my candy in there so my brother wouldn't find it and eat it all. (for those of you who know him, I'm sure you can't imagine him doing such a thing!)

Unfortunately (for reason's that won't be shared on the internet) the buffet was practically destroyed. I was devastated! 
However, the other day I was at a listing appointment. As I was taking the tour with my new agent, there in front of the hallway was the EXACT same buffet! A overwhelming feeling of nostalgia came over me. Suddenly I was in my old living room, opening the door to sneak a 3 Musketeers bar before anyone saw me. 
There I was staring at this beautiful buffet and telling the home owner my story. She smiled and said that she was considering selling it. You can't imagine how happy I was! Of course I had to ask the hubbs before I committed. 
Keith knows how much it meant to me, so for my 16th Anniversary he bought me this buffet. (sorry I forgot to take a pix to put here) 
Words can't express how happy I am! This is by far one of the best presents he could have given me! 
Love you Keith, and I can't wait for an eternity of more anniversaries! 

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