Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The rationale of a working mom

Being a part of Generation X, I've had my share of jobs.
In high school, my first job was working at a farming supply store, odd babysitting jobs, worked as a CNA at the local hospital, and then my senior year I landed a job at the local bank working in the book keeping department. SCORE!
I kept this job throughout college. Now really the rest is history and I'm not going to bore you with the small intricate details of how I got to where I am now.  I love being a working mom! Even though some days are hard as all get out! There are big perks to being at the office, mainly speaking I can pee anytime I want with out someone banging on the bathroom door. And no, I'm not embarrassed that I just told you that.
With home management comes a WHOLE mess of stuff! (most of it I won't speak, because I shutter at the word ...laundry). Seriously I get that unless you are an OCD freak or really don't want to be around your kids, you as well as I have come to grips that, at any given moment you will look around and see the aftermaths of a child tornado.
Being a stay at home mom is super stressful. (Kristen, I know you are reading this, and yes, I'm ready to drink a bottle of wine and have an adult conversation ASAP!)
It's hard to keep it all together when the 4 yrs old is driving the 8 yr old crazy, the pot on the stove is burning and you notice the chihuahua is peeing on the Walmart grocery bag you left on the dining room floor.
Stay at home moms, this is a judge free zone! Working moms, this is a judge free zone! I applaud  you both! We have build our Mommy Skills and we like it that way!