Monday, July 28, 2014

My son & Roids

For the most part my summer has been pretty relaxed. Work hasn't been completely overwhelming, the kids have been fairly mellow. That is until last week. For some reason, it all decided to come crashing down on me last week.I find myself suddenly working with 5 new buyers (horay for me! Momma needs a paycheck!) I have 2 rentals opening up, one to be soon occupied, then my son decides to have an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite, to which the Dr. proscribed him STEROIDS. That's right you heard me!
His face stuck out over 1/2 inch!

My 4 year old son was on steroids for 3 days and once I thought his face looked fine I cut him off. Let me tell you, if they ever need a reason to torture POW's in America, they could just give my son a dose of these again and stick him in a room with prisoners. I guarantee that they will be begging for mercy in less than 4 hours!
I literally didn't get him to sleep before midnight for 3 nights, and he had no nap! So there is a mathematical equation for this kind of situation: 4 yr old + steroids = Mom's nerves in front of firing squad!
I think its time for a babysitter and a pitcher of margaritas!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's Shower Time!

I'm hosting a baby shower next weekend for one of my besties! Now, when I say she is one of my besties, I truly mean in it in every sense of the word. She would cut off her left boob for me if she thought I'd need it, because lets face it, I DO. And with her one left she still has too much! (Love you by the way!)
(you can see her cleavage in this picture, but not mine, I rest my above case!)

When she came to me a few months ago and asked me this great honor I was totally floored!! I have done one bridal shower before, and it was really fun. So when this opportunity presented itself I couldn't pass it up. After hearing about a bad experience she had in the past, I wanted to make sure this shower was special!  So like the normal, I headed straight to Pinterest for ideas, and created a secret board. Of course I did that! As my friend, she also follows me, I can't let her in on all my secrets! Geez! But the few I have let her in on I'm planning on sharing with you today! If you are prego or know some one who is, these are some great tips to help you get stated.

This site is a must if you are planning any sort of shower, boy, girl, gender neutral, and gender reveal  party! I know the prices have changed since I bought my pack, but for $28.00 you really get a LOT!
2) Card box: There are just times when you don't have the time or energy to look for gifts. Make sure you are ready for those guests. You need some sort of card station. 
I found this bird cage as a great solution, and gift to the mom to be as decoration later. Unfortunately I was not able to find one like this, but found something similar. 
3) Menu: When planning the menu think about what time you will have the party. I'm planning on 2pm. With it being in between lunch and dinner, I've decided on snacky stuff. Not gonna give away the whole menu, here, but its a good idea to pick things that are easy to prepare. You're gonna have a lot of other prep work, so don't over extend yourself with complicating the food. 
4) Baby wishes: Baby showers are mostly about adorning the mom to be with gifts and advice. This is not my friends first rodeo. She has 2 boys, and let me tell you they are BOYS! So really what other advice can she get? None.
That's where "Baby Wishes" come in handy. I have, out of the printable pack mentioned above, baby wishes cards. I will give one to each guest and have them filled out. When the shower is done, they will go into a book for Mommy to read and share with her daughter later. 
5) Decor: Depending on how elaborate you want to be, (and by that I mean how much you want to spend) there are some wonderful ideas on Pinterest. I won't share mine here only because, Kristen, I know you're reading this and I'm not about to give you a spoiler alert!
6) Games: In the pack above, there are some really cute games. None of these "Let's get some string and see how fat we think you are!" games. (Come on, you all know you've been to that shower with that game!)
These games get mom to be and guests involved. Sure to be a hit!

I hope you have fun planning your next baby shower as much as I have enjoyed planning this one. Please post a comment or picture below!!