Friday, September 4, 2015

And the parent of the year award goes to.....Sit down Molly Curley!

Last week was back to school. Oddly enough our daughter LOVES school. She spent the first 2 weeks of summer vacation complaining about school being out. And to answer your question, yes, we have checked to see if the hospital made a mistake...

Turns out my brain is still fried from this summer's sunburns to remember to actually PICK UP my child. Total days in school have been 7, and I have forgotten to pick her up twice. **Insert disclaimer: the first time the Hubbs was suppose to do it and call me if he couldn't. After no phone call, I figured we were good. Then the infamous call. "Excuse me Mrs. Curley, we have Daphne here, and were wondering if you were planning on picking her up today?"
I was half tempted to tell the good woman on the other end that she would seriously be happier there cuddled up in one of the bean bag chairs in the Library than at home with her 5 yr old brother who loves to back up and fart on her. None the less, off I went, stopping at the Nestle Cafe to get ice cream to make up for my indiscretion.

Second time was this week. But I do have a good defense. Our school has an "early release day". Sounds nice, unless you're a working parent. They've had it for a few years now and have played around with different days of the week to have it on. And after numerous complaints from parents, last year they did the right thing and put it on Friday.  But we were not so fortunate this year. Wednesday.....yes, at 1:15pm.
This time the school, I guess, gave my benefit of the doubt, knowing it was only the second week of school and waited till 1:45 to call. Awe, yes a familiar voice "Hello again Mrs. Curley. It was early release today and Daphne is still sitting in our office. Were you planning on picking her up?"
OH GOOD GRIEF! I exclaimed as I shot past one of my agents, who was of course reminded me to stop and get ice cream to again make up for my indiscretion. (thanks for the pep talk Richard!)

Ok, so I may not get parent of the year award, but I feel better knowing I'm keeping the Nestle Cafe in business.

Check out the funny clip below!!