Monday, April 7, 2014

A Working Mom in Real Estate

I can still clearly remember the day I chose to go into Real Estate. I was working as a receptionist at an auto body shop, and an agent came in to get his car fixed. It was May 2005 and I was so tired of people yelling at me because they needed a new alternator. My husband and I had talked about me becoming a Realtor for a long time, but I didn't think I had what it took. But I couldn't stand the thought of getting yelled at any more for $7.50 an hour 40's a week!
I wanted to work, I needed to work, so I decided to take the plunge! I bought my course and went to work for the agent who had come into the shop. I would later learn, that was my first mistake in Real Estate.
Half way though my course I found out we were having our first baby. Let me tell ya how fun it was sitting in the testing room taking my CO and National licensing test! I was about 4 months along and would have to run out of the room every 15 min to puke in the bathroom! Needless to say I finally passed my exam and after my daughter was born, she started coming to work with me.
I'll be honest, a good 1/2 of my career has been a bit of a blur. Mostly since my second child was born. There has been moments when I was in the middle of trying to save a deal over a water filtration system, when my mother in law calls and tells me my son has an ear infection and since its bleeding I might want to come home and take him to the Dr. I even once hid from my husband (who is a major germ a phobic) who was gagging, carrying a toddler with poopy pants looking for me just so I could secure a listing.
Not really proud of that last one, but got some great laughs when my husband found me.
Now this is the part where you say, sanctimoniously, that I need to set boundaries with my clients or work hours. You know what? I tried. Honestly I tried time blocking (which worked for a while), but the fact is that in the Real Estate industry there are time sensitive issues that come up at the MOST inconvenient times. And my children are pros at making sure I have plenty of obstacles!
In the past I have sat down, created the most efficient, well balanced schedule, and inevitability some one comes in that morning and pukes on me! Within less than 24 hours my perfect calendar will fall to pieces.

When it comes down to it, it may seem as if I'm a walking disaster, but I honestly believe that as a mom, that makes me a great Realtor. Working with first time home buyers, I am tirelessly trying to help them make pertinent decisions.  And if anyone tries to mess with them, my "momma bear" instinct will kick in! If you have had a major life change, I will be there, worrying with you and trying my best to make the process easier for you. As a parent, I know how difficult children can be, so when you are 15 minutes late to a showing, or to meet me at my office because your kids refused to put on their pants, don't worry! You won't here me say a thing except, "I have toys in the corner or what DVD would you like to watch while I talk to your mom and dad?"
The fact is, is that it is not only my duty to make you feel like your interests are being protected, its my JOB to SHOW you this!
I have just entered into my 8th year as a Realtor. It has taken me a while to figure out that I can't squeeze 45 min of work into a 25 min time span. But I have learned  valuable lessons in these 8 years, I have met some amazing people, and learned that being a Realtor has afforded me opportunities to be involved with my children in ways I could never be if I had a 8-5 job! This is something I will NEVER regret doing!
Here is one final thought: