Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer 2013 Camping!!

I know its been quite a long time since I have been blogging, however I do have a good excuse. SUMMER!
Yes, not only is summer one of my busiest times of year Real Estate wise, its also the only time we have to really get out in full blown nature with the kids. We decided to take a whole 5 days this year and packed it up to the hills with the kids and some close friends for a camping trip! Had a wonderful time!
This is La Jara Reservoir 

Our camping spot overlooked this lovely piece of the mountains! We rode dirt bikes, did a little hiking, fishing, and Daphne got her first BB gun so Dad of course started the proper lessons:)
Jaxon was busy doing what ever he could, which was fine with me since usually I'm trying my best to keep him out of things at home. Here we see him with a wild beast of nature!! If you ever encounter one in the wild, PLEASE use extreme caution! lol

We took naps!

Played with GLOW STICKS!

And of course Daphne's art work had to be displayed for the next campers to enjoy. It was a blast watching her paint!
Jaxon saw his first double Rainbow! Reminds us of how precious God's promise is! What a great way to teach our children how fully He keeps his word!
Of course I had to tame the most wild creature found in the forest! Love!

And of course no camping trip would be complete with out friends/family!
Oh and at least one kid being dumped off a small motorcycle into a mud puddle....
Hope you and your family had a splendid summer making beautiful family memories!