Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Teacher Appreciation

This is the last week of school!! Hallelujah! Some my think I'm crazy, but I'm so ready to have my daughter home! She, on the other hand LOVES school and is NOT happy its ending. She has cried every night because she is going to miss her Teacher. (who is not coming back next year due to family illness)
I got this great idea from another blogger about what she appreciated about her teachers. So I decided to do the same thing, here it goes:

Kindergarten : Mrs. Newsome~ Thank you for sitting me down and asking me how to make chocolate chip cookies, writing down my recipe. Then at my high school graduation framing the recipe and gifting it to me! :)

1st Grade: Mrs. Skinner~You were always so unbelievably patient and kind. Loved singing in your class and the cutting boards we made with flowers and ribbon for our parents (or just my mom). Also when I think about the months of the year, I see them in my mind on the walls of your classroom ;)

2nd Grade: Mrs. Hugley ~ I searched and searched for something nice to say about you (seriously). You were so mean I had nightmares about you for months. Long enough that my mom had to talk to you and the school board about it. What I learned from you: When you are mean and nasty, it always comes back around.

3rd. Grade: Mrs. Pearson~ I learned that women at 65 years of age really didn't have fire engine red hair naturally.

4th Grade: Mrs. Smith~ You brought your bike for the bike rodeo and rode along with your class cheering us on, and bought snow cones for us on field and track day.

5th Grade: Mrs. Winkelman~ Thank you for introducing me to a love of reading (Where The Red Fern Grows) !
6th Grade: Mrs. Stenson~ I learned that even though we can have major faults, there are always people that truly care about our well being. (Also I learned that kids that age desperately need deodorant!)

9th Grade: Mr. Brown (my math teacher) He taught me that bullying was never ok (I punched a boy in his class for snapping my bra, and he didn't send me to the office!)

10th Grade: Mrs. Huffman~ Thank you for teaching me it was ok to be myself and to be silly all at the same time. Thank you for putting me in the play "A Yankee in King Author's Court".

11th Grade: Mrs. Schmizer ~ Thank you for teaching me that history was defiantly important, but that sometimes getting Maple long johns from Rip Griffins was more important! (my fav!!)

12th Grade: Mrs. Overboe~ Thanks for teaching me I was spelling "Remember" wrong for 12 years, that size is not always that important, and most girls with blonde hair have dark eyebrows.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Things You Should Never Say To A Working Mom

Ok, I decided (after not seeing any comments on this blog) to see how many people are actually reading this blog. So here is the game:
I want my readers to leave 1 comment containing something you should NEVER say to a working mom. (let's keep it clean!)
Example: "Don't you miss your kids during the day?"